6 Signs You Have Low Self-Esteem And What To Do

6 Signs You Have Low Self-Esteem And What To Do
6 Signs You Have Low Self-Esteem And What To Do

6 Signs You Have Low Self-Esteem And What To Do

You may not realize that you’re suffering from low self-esteem issues – there are a host of issues you may blame your lack of confidence on, but you brush them aside because you often find yourself presenting as confident, despite how you feel. No matter how hard you try to sweep them under the carpet, low self-esteem could be having a real impact on your overall happiness and well-being.

Do you suspect that you may be suffering from a low self-esteem? Here are six signs that you may.

1.You Give In Easily

Do you avoid conflict? Does that mean you often give in and agree to things that you don’t truly believe in? You end up rarely expressing yourself, thus preventing your ability to form meaningful relationships because the people around you don’t know the true you. It’s time to take a long hard look in the mirror and tell yourself that your opinion counts. Remember, there are no wrong opinions, no matter how hard people try to tell you otherwise. Do that every day and eventually, you’ll believe it.

2.You Apologize Unnecessarily

Low self-esteem often leaves you thinking that if and when things go wrong it’s down to something that you did. Why? They don’t know their self-worth and instead of being able to see the talents and gifts that they have, they get caught up in their faults. Does this sound like you? The next time you hear the words I’m sorry spill from your mouth, ask yourself whether you did something to really merit apologizing.

3.You Can’t Accept Criticism

Do you struggle to deal with criticism? Whether it’s your boss telling you your latest project was below par or your mother suggesting you’ve gained a few pounds – if every comment hits you as a deep insult you may have a low self-esteem issue. Especially in situations where someone is offering constructive criticism if it feels insulting avoid reacting rashly.

4.Shopping Is Your Happy Place

According to research discussed on Psychology Today, there is a close relationship between low self-esteem and materialism, especially in youth. We often find comfort in coping with our low self-esteem by shopping and gathering material wealth. We fall into the trap of believing that the things will bring us happiness. Hold yourself back from this habit by instead meeting up with friends.

5.You’re Critical Of Others

When men have a low self-esteem, they try to control people, particularly romantic partners. They put people down, tend to be negative, and they are critical of everyone else. They also tend to be self-deprecating, jealous, and over-protective.

6.You Can’t Make Decisions

If you can’t make a decision without someone else having a say, then there’s a good chance you have low self-esteem. When you don’t value yourself it’s difficult to find a voice to share your opinions and speak for yourself.

Do you identify with any of the signs above, while the list isn’t exhaustive, it should give you a good indication as to whether or not you have an issue? If so, now might be the right time to start evaluating not only your self-esteem but the people that you surround yourself with.

The people around you should want to build you up, not tear you down – if you have negative people in your life, it may be time to make new friends.


Once you start to rebuild your self-esteem you will see more clearly all of the ways your life is amazing and how you were instrumental in creating it. Life is always better when you’re confident and capable of facing everything. Remember, you are unique, and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

6 Signs You Have Low Self-Esteem And What To Do
6 Signs You Have Low Self-Esteem And What To Do
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