14 Sure Ways To Save Over $300 Per Month

14 Sure Ways To Save Over $300 Per Month
The following are sure ways and tips to save you over $300 per month from expenses. These tips have been tested and proven to help save you money if you are considering looking into your finances this year.

14 Sure Ways To Save Over $300 Per Month.

14 Sure Ways To Save Over $300 Per Month
The following are sure ways and tips to save you over $300 per month from expenses. These tips have been tested and proven to help save you money if you are considering looking into your finances this year.

1. Go over your personal collection and check out which ones you can get rid and sell to save money. 
Turn a critical eye and determine if there are duplicates or items that you are willing to sell. While you are at it, how about considering cutting down the time you spend on your hobby and look for more profitable ventures? It would be great if you have a money-making hobby, or earn doing something you are passionate about. Who knows, this could open up a lot of great opportunities for you.

2. Practice the 30-day rule when contemplating on making a purchase. If you are tempted to splurge or treat yourself with a latest gadget wait for 30 days and ask yourself if you really want the item. Often, the urge will pass away and you end up saving yourself a significant amount of money by waiting and not acting on impulse. It is important to train yourself to do away with the trivial and unnecessary purchases and save money on really sound investments.

3. Avoid spending too much on entertaining your children. 
Instead of caving in to the temptation of buying your child the latest video game or the coolest gadget to hit the market, focus on honing his creativity and appreciate simple and stimulating games. It is important for parents to realise that children do not need fancy gadgets to keep them happy, instead make great memories spending more time with them, making stuff and discovering new things. You will definitely find these alternatives cheaper and more rewarding.

4. Contact your credit card company then ask for a rate reduction.
Choose any of your cards that are carrying a balance and call up the company number at the back part. Negotiate for an interest reduction or you will contemplate on taking your business elsewhere. If the person you talk to will not be able to accommodate your request, then ask for the supervisor. When you think about it, if you have $5, 000 worth of balance with a 3% reduction rate, you can potentially save $150 every year.

5. Clean out your closet. 
Go through your wardrobe and focus on getting rid of some of the stuff. You can organise a yard sale or donate it to get a tax reduction. All the old stuff that are just sitting there can actually put more money into your pocket. Of course, it could also mean freeing up more closet space.

6. Choose term life insurance. 
A lot of people believe that insurance is an investment. It is not. Switch to a term insurance instead then you can use the difference of the cost to settle some of your debts or start your savings. Whole and universal policies are significantly more expensive. You are definitely better off getting yourself out of debt instead of spending extra on sub-par investments.

7. When buying a car, go for fuel efficiency and reliability. 
Instead of going for what’s popular or flashier, choosing a more fuel efficient and reliable car will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. For example, when driving a vehicle for 80, 000 miles, choosing a 25-mile per gallon car over a 15-mile per gallon will translate to 2, 133 gallons of gas. So if a gallon costs $3, that’s an astonishing $ 6, 400 savings right there. In addition, reliability can also pay great dividends, so do your research. Your efforts will pay off for you, big time.

8. Avoid going to shopping centres and stores just for entertainment. 
Indulging to the need to window shop will only encourage you to spend more money on stuff that you don’t really need. Instead, seek other places to entertain you, such as the museum, the park or a friend’s house. Don’t substitute shopping as a form of entertainment and you will be better off.

9. Plan to invest on a small business and use business model that has a lot of potential of making you rich.
If you have not figured it out, entrepreneurs go into business since they have long realized working on a 9 to 5 job will not make them rich. However, going into business requires careful planning so make sure to cover all the bases. Start with a solid business model. If you can’t see yourself raking in thousands or millions of dollars with your business idea, you may want to explore more possibilities.

10. Opt to use cash. 
Instead of constantly charging your purchases to your credit or debit cards, choose to pay in cash instead for all those non-bill spending such as gas, eating out and the groceries. Why? Paying in cash makes the experience of spending more real. There is also the fact that in choosing to spend cash, you have better control of your expenses instead of ending up spending more than you earn.

11. Make some minimal weekly savings transfers. 
Try to deduct a few dollars off your disposable cash every week. You can start by transferring $20 or $40 per week and transfer it to your savings. It’s a relatively small amount that you maybe barely notice but end up saving a large sum of money over a period of time.

12. Choose to stay home instead of going out. 
Going out will encourage you to spend unnecessarily since you will be tempted to eat at restaurants, stop at the gas station, go to the mall, etc. It is difficult, almost impossible to avoid spending when you are on the road so stay at home instead and seek other free entertainment. You can also use this free time to spend with your family.

13. Avoid getting catalogues or any other emailed announcements. 
All these emails and newsletters are all designed by companies to sell you stuff. When you frequently receive announcements of cool new products or upcoming sales, it can be very tempting to make a purchase on luxury items or service. Choose to stop all those catalogue and newsletter subscriptions so you don’t have to deal with trying to resist temptation.

14. Choose to cook at home instead of eating out.
This may be difficult to do especially if you are too tired to cook after a gruelling day at work. Instead of expensive dinners or ordering deliveries and takeout fast food that are not exactly healthy, throw in a quick stir fry using fresh or frozen veggies. You can also research ahead of time some no-fuss and 10-minute recipes, so cooking homemade and healthier dishes doesn’t have to be a real burden.

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