Common Relationship Challenges and How to Deal with Them

Common Relationship Challenges and How to Deal with Them
Common Relationship Challenges and How to Deal with Them

Common Relationship Challenges and How to Deal with Them

It is often said that “happy relationships do not just happen.” People make them happen.

In fact, nobody is immune to the possibility of a conflict or an argument in the relationship. Our differences are the main reason why this is so. But simply because people can be different in their own ways or personalities does not mean that they can’t be happy together, or that they cannot live under one roof, or become friends at all.

Couples in a relationship are not always similar 100%, but their differences can still make them very compatible. The individuals in the relationship should simply complement each other; they don’t need to have the same color preferences or need to like the same drinks and food in order to keep a lasting relationship and bond. Non-negotiable things like respect, love, and trust are more important and should never be missing between people in relationships.

Here are some of the most common relationship challenges and methods to diminish or banish them.


Effective communication is crucial in every relationship, and any flaw in this area can potentially lead to a great deal of misunderstanding. The way that people in relationships talk to each other (or choose not to talk about something) has the potential to create the foundation for many disagreements and relationship issues.

Sometimes, people choose not to communicate openly if they’re afraid to become vulnerable, or possibly hurt the other person with what they’re going to say. In spite of any good intentions, at best, this stops the relationship developing to its possible best.

Overcoming Communication Problems

Honesty and communication go hand in hand. When you are not communicating openly with your partner, ask yourself why you are not being completely honest. Do you not trust that your partner can handle whatever you tell them well? Trust and patience are essential. Don’t expect all to be resolved in one deep and meaningful discussion. Small steps lead to big improvements, and hopefully, you are in this for the long haul. To solve communication problems in your relationship, learn to listen and be willing to be heard as well. Communication is always a two-way street.


Money issues can be a great source of tension and conflict between couples. Before settling down, couples need to have a serious conversation about the state of their finances and how they plan to work things out together. Don’t assume that because things are great in other areas that your goals, dreams, and saving aspirations are the same. Money problems are the root cause of many failed marriages and relationships. Being able to openly address this very sensitive issue is crucial to a genuinely happy bond.

How to Resolve Differences Regarding Finances

The good news is, there are a ton of ways to solve issues about money and finances. Yes, this can be a sensitive issue, one that might make some people feel vulnerable, and others trapped, but dealing with money problems the right way starts with the decision to be completely honest about where you are financially.

It is so important to be honest about this and to resolve to work out any financial problems that could end up making your relationship a stressful place to be in. Talk about it and decide to address it in a non-threatening way. Be each other’s accountability partner to keep both of you on the right track.


Intimacy is really a deep connection that you have with another person. Whether that be in the physical sense, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects, intimacy is important in relationships. Unless people are willing to open themselves up completely to their partners, have trust, confidence, and deep understanding (of one another), intimacy can remain elusive. A lack of intimacy leads to feelings of loneliness, even for those in a relationship, and is a major cause of relationship unhappiness and eventual failure.

How to Solve Intimacy Problems

Agree to set aside time that is exclusive to both of you. Whether that is a weekly or bi-weekly date, or a monthly trip together, make sure to put yourselves in each other’s calendar. Finding intimacy can be a challenge if couples are too familiar with each other and their routine to the point of losing that proverbial spark.

It can also be a struggle when people are constantly stressed by other parts of their life, such as work or family. Decide to keep your relationship a priority regardless of how life gets in the way. Know your partner’s love language, and also, do not be afraid to communicate what you want.


Trust can make or break a relationship. It is a key aspect of every partnership that individuals need to address in themselves. Otherwise, a lack of trust can truly be a source of great tension. Being in a relationship, partnership or marriage should ultimately mean you both trust each other in a million small and big ways. Lack of trust inevitably leads to a mountain of relational problems because it is a very basic need in any relationship. It is very discouraging for anyone to be constantly reminded that they are not trusted.

How to Solve Trust Issues

Some people enter into a relationship with a ton of trust issues that are keeping them from truly opening up to their partners. To address lack of trust in a relationship means to build it with the person you choose to be with and to show empathy for them by being trustworthy yourself. If you have trust issues from former relationships, don’t make it your current partner’s problem, but honestly ask for their help and understanding.

Make real effort to get to know your partner deeply and be honest with your struggles. Be both trusting and trustworthy. Building trust with a partner starts with the little things, so stay consistent and respect each other at all times. Developing trust to its highest level is a two-way street, and demands being trustworthy so trust can grow.

Common Relationship Challenges and How to Deal with Them
Common Relationship Challenges and How to Deal with Them
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